From Russia With Love

It’s rare for me to wake up and remember a dream… more often then not if I do remember they were the stuff of nightmares. But this time was different.

For a week, the moment I closed my eyes I could see the snow falling so vividly. I was not yet asleep, but here I was in a dream. As I lay there in the hotel room I could see the way the snow fell… almost magical. Large snowflakes bunched together and seemed to fall in no particular order… there was no wind, it just fell from the twilight sky. I knew I was not yet asleep, I found my self not only in awe… but questioning the world I had been transported in. It was the same city, no doubt. Was this just my brain writing new memories? But no. I had not seen this particular building before. It dawned the same architecture as all of the other buildings in Saint Petersburg. A grand European design in faded yellow. I stood on a small bridge looking up at the snow falling past the building lit in firelite. It was beautiful.

And yet there was so much more to Russia. I have never felt so connected to a place before. It was so comforting. Like a home you never had.


This is a multi-part series that explores three cities in Russia.

Each excerpt will be published weekly. 


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